April’s Video Reader Q&A

By Nomadic Matt | Published April 30th, 2013

It’s that time of the month again where I embarrass myself on camera and answer your monthly reader questions. Last month, I only talked about international phones and SIM cards, this month I get back to basics and answer a bunch of questions ranging from visa issues to working overseas to my favorite hostels. I think I’m getting better in front of a camera. Like they say, practice makes perfect right? Or in my case, practice makes me suck a little less!

Show Notes and Links
How to Teach English Overseas
The Flying Pig Hostel
Singapore travel tips

If you have a question you want answered, leave a comment below and I’ll try answer it next month!

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Haha, I’m not a girly-girl but I can see the argument for more than one-pair of shoes (!!!) Haha, but no, thanks for this!

Love this (not at all sucky!) and am looking forward to more video Q&A’s. I am working towards 100% location independence here in the States (for now) and pondering how to convince my partner to travel around with me in an Airstream. His priority is maintaining a reliable wireless connection while on the road. Is it too soon to achieve this, technology-wise? Thanks! V

Adrienne Morton

Matt, good to know about the hostel tip! I’m a big hosteler. Ever stayed at any of the three hostels on Lemon road on Oahu? I spent months in them and let me tell you it was quite a 1-10 variety of experiences. Highly recommend you go stay at the French Polynesian Hostel on Lemon Rd…sounds right up your alley. Make a mental note. Have you been to Oahu?
Keep up the great vids!

Thanks for the Singapore tips, been debating between SP or Dubai, so will be checking the link out :)


I’ve been researching this a lot lately and I really want to apply for this travel tourism job over in Europe but it seems like a UK working visa is EXTREMELY difficult to obtain, any tips?


I’m sorry. I don’t know exactly.


About visas — it really depends on your nationality. For Americans perhaps it’s easy but for those of us carrying “less-desirable” passports you frequently have to return to your home country to get a visa (and if they require things like police clearance how are you going to get that on the road?). So it’s worth checking beforehand!

Excellent questions and great answers. I really like the hostel info as well. Thanks Matt!

What’s the process like to get a visa to go to Bhutan?

I’ve heard it’s complicated, lengthy, and expensive.

Can anyone provide any further details?


Expensive yes, complicated no.


Hey Matt, it’s a really good video, thanks for posting :) are you really coming to Ireland to do the tour this year? Do you have the dates picked up at this stage?


I’ll be in Ireland at the end of September.


Great to hear that your going to the Phillipines. Im interested in hearing what you think of it. Not a lot of people mention there when they talk about south east asia, wonder why, mabye less tourist friendly perhaps? When do you plan to go there?



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