Another Year Gone

After a good birthday celebration in Edinburgh, Scotland, I am now back in London. Tomorrow, I head back to Boston for two months. There are weddings to attend, doctors to see to make sure I’m healthy, food to eat, and trips to make.  I’ve been away 11 months and the next two months are to regroup before one more big backpacking trip around the world.  These last 11 months have been great for a lot of travel and non travel related reasons.  As I finish off this last trip, I thought taking a look back at the best would be good (and a great way to highlight some pictures):

Stonehenge, England (July 2008)

Cornwall, England (July 2008)


The Lake District, England (August 2008)
the lake district

Paris, France (August 2008)
Paris France

Singapore (November 2008)

Ko Chang, Thailand (January 2009)
Ko Chang Thailand

Taipei, Taiwan (April 2009)

Edinburgh, Scotland (June 2009)
Edinburgh, Scotland

I traveled a lot of places this year but these destinations stick out the most. I look forward to seeing new places in the US and then heading back out and finding new great places around the world.

  1. Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll.

    I love to review my travel throughout the year as well. It’s a great way to reflex and appreciate what you have accomplish. What a year you have!

  2. Wow, you have a huge variation in the places you’ve been to this year. From Edinburgh to Singapore, that’s pretty cool. Which part of the world do you enjoy traveling in more? Europe or Southeast Asia? Is it even possible to compare the two?

  3. I’ve always wanted to check out stone henge. I think on my next eurotrip i’ll have to try and squeeze it in. Let me know if you find any good American destinations worthy of checking out. I’ll be going through sometime this year, and not sure where I should check out. Thinking maybe Flo-Rida. Need some tropic weather for my pasty arse.

  4. Steven

    Matt, A couple years back I took a similiar travel experience and was in all the exact spots you were minus Britian.. nice to see all those pictures :)

  5. Yay, Edinburgh! It will forever have my heart.

    Hope to meet you in SF! My Norway tix are booked, and I leave July 20, so I’m hoping you get here before that…

  6. Hey Matt!

    Happy Birthday, belatedly! I think your work’s great, and I look forward to more stories once you start out from Boston again. If you’d like to read other travel stories or contribute to a different venue, stop by. Best of luck for all your stateside plans!


  7. Hey Matt,
    I just read your guest post on Carrie’s My Several Worlds. I wanted to suggest for your next trip perhaps, since you’ve done SEA, is to hop over to several of the 7,100 islands of the Philippines. It’s a great country to explore with virgin forests, prisitne beaches, underground caves, rice terraces (UNESCO) and other natural wonders, old Spanish Colonial towns (Vigan-UNESCO), Baroque churches, etc. And it is not yet rundown with backpackers and falshpackers!I can send you some great, mostly-photography blogs focusing on the Philippines.

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