Annual Ebook Updates PLUS, Pre-Order Information on My Upcoming Book

books nomadicmatt updatedI’m going to take a break from travel tips for a second to do a little but very important housekeeping:

In a world where things can change quickly, it’s important to always stay updated on the latest information. This is especially true when running an online business and providing help to others who want to do the same. Or helping people travel better. Or helping others find a teaching job overseas. Things just change so rapidly in this day and age!

So that means it is time again for my annual book updates.

Once again, as I do every year, I’ve updated all my ebooks to ensure you get the best and most accurate information possible. If you’ve already bought my ebooks, you should have gotten an e-mail with your updated copy (everyone gets free updates for life!). If you haven’t, check your spam folder. If the books are still not there, e-mail me so I can resend the update.

So what was updated and why is now a perfect time to get one (all) of these books??

How to Start a Travel Blog ($9.99)
This ebook teaches you the basics of blog development and helps you set up a WordPress blog in just a few hours. I lay out all the information step by step with easy to follow instructions so you avoid my beginner mistakes, don’t nuke your blog, and avoid pulling out your hair in frustration. With this edition, I updated or added the following information:

  • Updated information on hosting companies
  • Updated information on the best WordPress plugins
  • Added information on how to upload and install images
  • Added information on Cloudflare (a service that makes your website run fast)
  • Added information on where to pick good themes for your site
  • A checklist to ensure you’ve done everything and are on the right track

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How to Make Money With Your Blog ($37)
Ever wanted to know how to create a super successful income generating blog? Well, you can with this top selling ebook. This book lays out in a clear and easy to follow format just how I turned my blog into the largest travel blog on the Internet (and one that provides me with a sizable income too!). All the SEO, traffic building strategies, planning, and monetization methods I use are in this book – and so are the lessons I’ve learned in the past so you can avoid my mistakes and find success quicker. With this new edition, I’ve updated or added the following information:

  • Updated SEO information, including information on the Panda, EMD, and Penguin Google updates
  • Updated and expanded information on where and how to build links for your website
  • Updated information on the importance of blog design
  • Updated the section on using Facebook pages to reflect Facebook’s new (and sucky) algorithm
  • Expanded the section on the importance of developing a long-term business strategy
  • Expanded information on building a successful brand
  • Expanded section on developing products

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How to Teach English Overseas ($19.99)
I get a lot of emails from people asking me about how to teach English overseas who seem overwhelmed by the process. It’s actually quite easy to find a job as an English teacher (the Internet makes it seem more confusing than it is) and this book lays out the process in clear and easy steps in order to save you time, frustration, and help you get a job quicker. This edition only had minor updates:

  • Updated prices, resource lists, and TEFL certification information

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How to Travel the World on $50 USD Per Day
If you missed the good news, last year Penguin Books decided to purchase my ebook and turn it into an information packed 272-page print guidebook with tips that have never appeared on this blog! The book will be released February 5th, 2013 but you can pre-order it now from Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

I rarely ever come out and ask for anything. I provide tons of free travel resources and guides for you and just hope you’ll book your trip through my site (To those who do, thanks! You help keep the servers running!) but I would really, really appreciate it if you would help support this major event.

Even if you don’t plan on using it, give it as a gift and inspire someone else to travel. Pre-order sales help a lot in getting the book on bestseller lists (especially the New York Times), increasing its visibility, and get the publisher to increase the number of first run copies. This really makes a big difference in terms of how successful a book will be. Plus, the better this book does the more I can expand this site and keep providing content that helps you travel more. It’s win-win! This book is currently only $10 USD when you pre-order and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Please consider giving the book a boost (let’s get this to be the #1 travel book!) and pre-order it today:

All the books are the same great price, but now with even more great information! So if you’ve been looking to purchase one of the books, now is the perfect time.

  1. Travel blogging leading to paper-form travel writing sounds like a very positive trend for me. I just received a book for review by another travel blogger called How to Break into Travel Writing by Beth Blair. I look forward to checking out your book some time.

  2. Colleen

    I just placed my Amazon pre-order for 5 copies of “How to Travel the World on $50.00 a Day”! I’m so excited about this book because I know from experience that this title is absolutely true and doable because I traveled the world for a year for an average of $65.00 per day per person for four of us, BUT we did not economize as much as we could have because we were feeding two teenage boys whatever they wanted to eat plus traveling VERY fast and doing as much as possible most every day. PLUS we were in Europe for 3 months in the summer of 2009 when the Euro to the dollar was atrocious. Bottom line: our 8 months in SE Asia cost us far less than $50.00 per day per person and the time we spent in Europe would cost much less now than we had to pay in 2009. Yes, this title is accurate. Some countries cost more and some (most of my favorites) are happily significantly less expensive.

    Can’t wait to read this! ! ! = ) And wow, your pricing for the book is great!

  3. Free updates, can’t beat that!

    Matt – if you purchase the paper copy of How to Travel the World on $50 USD Per Day
    do you get access to the free ebook updates?

      • And is there some reason that Penguin is leaving money on the table? Why aren’t they doing an ebook version? I hope that you retained those rights so you can publish it yourself if they are too silly not to do so

  4. Matt – does your book involve travel hacking with points and miles? Or is it more staying in low budget places? I save thousands of dollars on my airfare and hotels using points and miles.

  5. A few months ago I bought your e-book “How to Make Money with your Blog” and it was the most helpful blogging guide I’ve encountered! Thank you so so much for publishing that, it was a huge help to starting my travel blog :)

  6. DanielW

    Just preordered the book on Amazon UK. Am looking forward to reading it!

    FYI the UK site doesn’t (yet) have your photo up or the description details for the book.

    Good luck, I hope it sells well.

    Daniel W

  7. Steph

    Thanks Matt, I had forgotten about the free updates for life so I have just checked my inbox and my book’s there! That’s what you call over delivering!!

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