A Wanderer in Residence

By Nomadic Matt | Published November 8th, 2010

Gap Adventures wanderers in residence logoBack in April 2004, I took my first big trip overseas. I visited Costa Rica with a small company called G Adventures. To this day I still don’t remember how I stumbled across them but I’m glad I did. That trip infused me with the travel bug and set my life on the path it is now. After Costa Rica, I was hooked. Travel was all I wanted.

Since starting this website, I have spoken about Gap frequently. This year, I gave away the same trip that changed my life. When writing about tour companies, I use them as a good model for mixing a structured environment with lots of personal time to explore on your own. I’m not a huge fan of tour companies but they have their purpose and are right for some people and, to me, Gap Adventures is the best one out there for those not looking to be shepherded around in giant tour buses.

So it was a great honor when they chose me, along with Gary from Everything Everywhere, J.D. Andrews, and Audrey and Dan from Uncornered Market, to be part of their new “Wanderers in Residence” program. We all flew up to their annual meeting this weekend as it was announced to the whole company.

What does this mean for me?
Well, even before this occurred, I had some partnership plans with Gap. This just formalizes the process. Things that will happen for me:

  • Jump on and off tours as I please.
  • Take two fully paid tours anywhere in the world. (Antarctica anyone?)
  • Visit local Gap offices.
  • Attend travel and tourism events.
  • Possibly get speaking and consulting gigs.
  • Have a featured page on their website.
  • Possibly design a few Gap Adventures tours too.
  • Attend events with the other Wanderers in Residence.

What does this mean for you?
Well, not much. The nature of this website won’t change. It’s still about independent and budget travel. However, a few things will happen:

  • You’ll get special offers on G tours, including 10% off all tours with the code “2014GONOMADIC“. Use that when you visit G Adventures‘s website and save money! This deal is exclusive to us.
  • You’ll get first access to the tours I lead.
  • As I’ll probably take their tours a bit more (especially to expensive places like Antarctica), you’ll be reading about them more.

Overall, not much will change with the site but this opportunity will open a lot of doors for me and help give this site greater exposure in the travel industry. I work with companies I believe in. G does tours right and they have strong, strong commitment to local economies and protecting the environment. That’s really important to me. What good is travel if we ruin the places we visit? Now, I’m excited to be forming a close relationship with one of my favorite companies in the world. This adventure just got a lot more exciting.

P.S. – Don’t forget to use the 10% off code when you book one of their tours. Save money, travel more!

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Oh wow man, that’s awesome! I’ve been eyeing some of their trips for a while now. Sounds like an awesome opportunity!


Hey Matt – congrats, sounds like a great deal! :)

Nancy Molina

hey Matt! this is awesome, i work for Gap Adventures in Peru… i hope someday i get the change to meet you down here (Sungate office – Cusco)

Awesome news! Congratz x millions! I’m sure there will be a lot of very interesting tours. Antarctica sounds exciting – just not for me that hate winter…. *giggles* You, on the other hand is more of an explorer than I am, so I’m sure you’re really excited about that destination!!!!

You made me thinking of FRAM, the Norwegian Polarship – the strongest vessel in the world – from 1892 – which is in the Fram Museum in Oslo. We were there in August. Incredible polar expeditions to the north & south pole and Greenland.

It was huge, almost impossible to catch on photo indoors…

Good luck with the tours, we’re looking forward to hear more about them :-)


LOL Matt I guess being an affiliate in the travel niche comes in many forms… Though at least its not a bus tour company – and yes I can see a place for tours (the Arctic ones look more interesting than the not quite Antarctic ones). And are they actually allowed to restrict some tours to under 30s? Isn’t that discrimination or something!

It’s a cool opportunity and all of you guys are qualified to talk and consult about travel and all of that, but I can’t help but wonder if it would have been good to provide something like this, free tours specifically, to people who don’t make a living off of blogging. Or maybe that’s just my jealousy talking :)

I wish you and the rest of the W.I.R. the best of luck.

Garreth Lodge

Great News Matt and Congratulations, all down to your hard and high quality work!

WOW! And congratulations! You must be very excited to start on a new venture like this. What a perfect fit for you. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes for you. Cheers!

Very cool Matt! Congrats on this! I’m looking forward to reading about the adventure and all the places it takes you!


That’s AWESOME! Good on ya!

Congrats Matt, hope you take advantage of their offers and opportunities in the deal. I’ve started work which involves doing some tour guides in Japan, it’s actually quite a rewarding job.

A million congrats!!! And yes to Antarctica!

Congrats, Matt! Maybe I’ll see ya on a tour someday.

Congratulation, Matt!! What a great opportunity for you. They couldn’t have worked with a better group of travelers.


Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I am very much looking forward to this!

Looking forward to meeting up with you somewhere in the world on some sort of tour. Should be an interesting year ahead :)

Congratulations, Matt!
Good luck on your new endeavors!!

awesome! congrats, Matt! can’t wait to read your story about Antartica!

Congrats! And, to be working with a huge Canadian company like Gap is great. We Canadian’s do rock! :)

Great opportunity Matt! I think that sounds awesome and I can’t wait to read about it – esp about Antarctica!

Congrats, Matt! This sounds like a really interesting and unique opportunity. Good on Gap for dreaming it up!


Wow, that sounds awesome. I’ve loved to do a Gap Adventure one day!

Very interesting. I have read about GAP tours and always wondered how they were. I guess we are soon to find out. Good deal Matt.

What Bruce Poon-Tip had done for GAP is awesome! I’m proud to say they are a Canadian company! I have a few friends working there, and they all enjoy the company!


Everyone I know who works for Gap loves them. They seem cool to work for too!

Would never care to take a tour through an operator but can’t say I wouldn’t appreciate them throwing all sorts of free stuff at me. Good on ya.


Normally me either but these tours offer small groups and a lot of independent time which is what I like.

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