Boston, Part 1

With my time in Boston coming to a close, I decided to really get out and explore the city. It’s been ages since I did, but isn’t that how it is? You never really see the city you live in all your life because it’s always there. Well, not anymore! Boston is a small and compact city. It’s easily walkable, so I broke up my city tour into various walks. My first walk took me around the city parks, the […]

Top Ten Historical Sites in the World

The world is filled with amazing things to see – both natural and man-made. There are so many great historical sites built by ancient civilizations it is sometimes hard to just narrow it down to a few. Think of all the historical wonders lists out there and how different they are sometimes. Everyone has their own list, including me. Below are the sites I find best, think give a great look at human history and civilization, and think every traveler […]

The Saturday City: New York City

The Big Apple. Gotham. Metropolis. The city that never sleeps. New York goes by many names, but, as Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. New York is New York, no matter what else you might call it. And nothing can truly describe it. Home to global finance, art, theater, the mafia, and some of the world’s best food, New York is a cosmopolitan city, from the Upper West Side all the way to […]

Teaching English Overseas, part 5: Job Resources

This is the last part in our series on teaching English overseas. Continuing our series on teaching English overseas, we’re going to our attention to other parts of the world. In part one, we talked about the various jobs you can get. In part two, we discussed job requirements and TEFL programs, and in part three, we discussed teaching in Asia. In part four we talked about teaching in the Rest of the World. Last updated: March 2012 The last […]

Why I Like to Travel Alone

I always get asked the same questions when I tell people I travel alone: “Don’t you get lonely?” “Is it safe?” “How do you meet people?” People are amazed that I’ve traveled so much by myself. “I couldn’t do that, especially for so long,” they say. Yet I wouldn’t do it any other way. Traveling by myself has taught me a lot about myself. People often assume that solo travel means traveling alone. Far from it. I meet more people […]

The Skills You Need to Travel

I recently received an e-mail I think deserves some attention. It’s a really good question that deserves a long answer. The person asked me: “Have you noticed a particular set of skills that come in handy abroad? What should I learn to best prepare myself for living, working, and traveling overseas?” It’s a great question because travel, especially solo travel, requires a lot of skills. So when I was asked this question, a few traits came to mind, but one […]

Unusual Place of the Month: Kutna Hora Bone Church

This church is located in Kutna Hora, a few miles outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. Officially called the Sedlec Ossuary, it is often just referred to as “the bone church,” and contains over 40,000 bones arranged to decorate this Roman Catholic church. In 1278, the church’s Abbot, Henry, went to the Holy Land. When he returned, he sprinkled some earth from the Holy Land around the church, making it holy too. Because of this, the cemetery in Sedlec […]

Things I’d Tell A New Traveler

Hope. Fear. Excitement. Traveling for the first time provides us with a wave of conflicting emotions. We are excited about new possibilities but afraid of the unknown at the same time. When I left for the road, I knew nothing. I read some bulletin boards, but I was green as they come. There were no travel blogs then, no Twitter, Facebook fan pages, or vast amounts of information on the Internet. You went on your own. It was good and […]