The American South

I’d been driving around “The South” for three weeks and was using this opportunity to give the area a chance. Where I’m from, the South doesn’t connote great thoughts. My preconceived notion of the South was that it was a land of rednecks, racists, and raging bible beaters. It thought the Civil War was still going on, and it was filled with trash, trailer parks, idiots, and the occasional poetic sage. Aside from a few major cities, nothing of worth […]

Motivating Yourself to Travel

When I first went away in 2006, people told me they wished they could do what I was doing. For some people, it is easy to just jump ship and travel. We have it in us all along and we just need a gentle nudge to actually do it. For me, all it took was a trip to Thailand and a bit of jealousy towards some backpacker before I was quitting my job to travel. For others, though, it is […]

The Saturday City: Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is located in the north of the country. Crowded (pop. 6,000,000+), a little polluted, and slightly run-down, it nonetheless is very quaint. Though I did not like Vietnam, I liked Hanoi. A lot. I thought it had a certain charm to it. Time, and poor rebuilding, have worn down the city. All over Hanoi, old French colonial homes lay crumbling as modern buildings spring up around them, slowly bringing the city into the modern age. […]

Boston, Part 1

With my time in Boston coming to a close, I decided to really get out and explore the city. It’s been ages since I did, but isn’t that how it is? You never really see the city you live in all your life because it’s always there. Well, not anymore! Boston is a small and compact city. It’s easily walkable, so I broke up my city tour into various walks. My first walk took me around the city parks, the […]

Top Ten Historical Sites in the World

The world is filled with amazing things to see – both natural and man-made. There are so many great historical sites built by ancient civilizations it is sometimes hard to just narrow it down to a few. Think of all the historical wonders lists out there and how different they are sometimes. Everyone has their own list, including me. Below are the sites I find best, think give a great look at human history and civilization, and think every traveler […]

The Saturday City: New York City

The Big Apple. Gotham. Metropolis. The city that never sleeps. New York goes by many names, but, as Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. New York is New York, no matter what else you might call it. And nothing can truly describe it. Home to global finance, art, theater, the mafia, and some of the world’s best food, New York is a cosmopolitan city, from the Upper West Side all the way to […]

Teaching English Overseas, part 5: Job Resources

This is the last part in our series on teaching English overseas. Continuing our series on teaching English overseas, we’re going to our attention to other parts of the world. In part one, we talked about the various jobs you can get. In part two, we discussed job requirements and TEFL programs, and in part three, we discussed teaching in Asia. In part four we talked about teaching in the Rest of the World. Last updated: March 2012 The last […]

Why I Like to Travel Alone

I always get asked the same questions when I tell people I travel alone: “Don’t you get lonely?” “Is it safe?” “How do you meet people?” People are amazed that I’ve traveled so much by myself. “I couldn’t do that, especially for so long,” they say. Yet I wouldn’t do it any other way. Traveling by myself has taught me a lot about myself. People often assume that solo travel means traveling alone. Far from it. I meet more people […]