Visiting the Roman Baths in Bath

Built centuries ago by the Romans, Bath is one of the most beautiful, historic, and visited cities in England. The Romans came here when they invaded Britain because of the hot springs that bubble up from the earth. The local people thought this place had spiritual significance, and when the Romans came, they felt the same and dedicated this site to Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. Despite being on the edge of the frontier, the city grew to become a […]


After I left Salisbury, I headed west to Cornwall, the farthest west you can go in England. The county is filled with farms, small towns (I stayed in Lostwithiel—population 3,000), and tiny fishing villages. Cornwall is usually referred to as the backwater of England and its residents as rubes. Its image in England is like that of Kentucky or Tennessee in America. And, just like there, the stereotype is anything but true. This simple lifestyle is what gives Cornwall its […]

Interview with Brook Silva-Braga

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the movie A Map for Saturday .As you know, I loved the movie. I got in contact with the director/star, Brook Silva-Braga, and fresh from his trip in Africa, he was kind of enough to give me an interview. NM: You took your trip in 2005. What made you decide to video tape it? What kind of reactions did you get on the road? BSB: Well I had been working at HBO for a […]

Vagabonding the Green Way

One of the most wonderful things about long-term travel is that it’s…well, long-term. And because you have more time to travel, you have a greater opportunity to choose to travel green. As someone who has traveled long-term, I know it can be hard to feel like we as individuals can still make a difference. But here are some ways you can help the environment and travel green on the road. Make an Effort from the Beginning From the start, think […]

The Saturday City: Prague

Prague has been the center of the Czech state for over 1100 years. It has a population of over one million, and is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Since 1992, the historic center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. My trip there in 2006 was the first stop on my continental Europe tour, and I couldn’t picture a more beautiful city to start in. I loved […]

Unusual Place of the Month: The Toilet Restaurant

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this restaurant’s theme is, well, the toilet. This toilet restaurant, properly called ‘Modern Toilet,’ was opened by a former ice cream vendor who used to serve ice cream from a toilet bowl-shaped scooper. He got the idea for Modern Toilet after watching a Japanese cartoon that had a similar theme. Customers sit on toilet bowl-shaped stools, and eat their food out of dishes resembling male urinals, toilet bowls or bathtubs. They drink out of mini toilet […]

The Amazing Difference Living Abroad Makes

I used to be a two-week traveler. Every year, I would plan two-week-long trips to some locale, board a plane, run around, and return happily exhausted. When my husband and I moved to Madrid three weeks ago, selling all of our belongings and arriving only with two suitcases and our dogs, I expected much of the same. Instead, I found a city full of people I could call my friends and neighborhoods I don‘t want to leave. Everything is a […]


A stunning hour-and-a-half train ride through the English countryside takes you to Salisbury, home of the famous Stonehenge. It’s an easy day trip, but I found that Salisbury has a lot to offer, and in fact, Stonehenge is the least impressive part of the town. Salisbury has been an important site throughout human history. Over 5,000 years ago, Neolithic man was dragging huge stones, weighing up to 55 tons from Wales to Salisbury to build Stonehenge. The area was a […]

Airline Review: Aer Lingus

On my recent flight to London, I flew the Irish carrier Aer Lingus. For $350, they were the cheapest deal, and they code-shared with my frequent flier program. I expected an awful flight, as some of my Irish friends didn’t have kind words about the carrier. But I actually found the flight to be great. Aer Lingus used to be a major carrier but has restructured itself to be a low-cost carrier offering cheap flights around Europe and America via […]