The Amazing Difference Living Abroad Makes

I used to be a two-week traveler. Every year, I would plan 2-week-long trips to some locale, board a plane, run around and return happily exhausted. When my husband and I moved to Madrid three weeks ago, selling all of our belongings and arriving only with two suitcases and our dogs, I expected much of the same. Instead, I found a city full of people I could call my friends and neighborhoods I don’t want to leave. Everything is a […]


A stunning hour-and-a-half train ride through the English countryside takes you to Salisbury, home of the famous Stonehenge. It’s an easy day trip, but I found that Salisbury has a lot to offer, and in fact, Stonehenge is the least impressive part of the town. Salisbury has been an important site throughout human history. Over 5,000 years ago, Neolithic man was dragging huge stones, weighing up to 55 tons from Wales to Salisbury to build Stonehenge. The area was a […]

Airline Review: Aer Lingus

On my recent flight to London, I flew the Irish carrier Aer Lingus. For $350, they were the cheapest deal, and they code-shared with my frequent flier program. I expected an awful flight, as some of my Irish friends didn’t have kind words about the carrier. But I actually found the flight to be great. Aer Lingus used to be a major carrier but has restructured itself to be a low-cost carrier offering cheap flights around Europe and America via […]

Beijing Night Life

This is a guest post by Jennifer Gregory of the On the Go Travel Blog. If you’re planning to visit Beijing for the Olympics this year, you’ll be happy to discover that there’s no lack of places to eat, dance, drink, and enjoy live entertainment, music, and films every night of the week. Plus, Beijing is known for its fun discos and karaoke. With so much to do here, the hardest part of enjoying your nights out will be deciding […]

Free Things to Do in London

Being in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, on one of the tightest budgets in the world, I’ve been learning how to navigate the city while spending as little money as possible. If you ever find yourself here on a tight budget, here are some free things to do in London: Get a Free Map. The tourist office charges £1 for a map, but if you grab the pamphlets for the walking or bus tours, they […]

Ye Olde London

My flight to London was uneventful. Well, it could have been eventful, but I was sound asleep until we landed in Dublin. When I connected from the Irish Republic, I was surprised I didn’t pass through passport control in Heathrow. I looked, but it was right on to baggage claim for me. Now I’ve managed to get into England without a UK stamp on my passport. Weird. My friends live about 45 minutes away from Heathrow in North London. Or […]

Thailand’s Street Food Culture

It’s 6pm in Bangkok, and all over, street vendors are busy selling food. Thais do almost all of their grocery shopping on the street. Locals walk around with little bags full of rice, curry, noodles, or soup. With food so cheap and kitchens so few and far between, very few Thais in Bangkok cook their own meals. Sidewalk chairs are filled with coworkers sharing meals before they go home. Eating here is a social activity where hunger pangs, not the […]

Interview with Leif Pettersen

Today we talk to Leif Pettersen, travel writer and guidebook author, about traveling, writing, and life as a nomad: Nomadic Matt: For starters, what gave you the travel bug? Leif Pettersen: I eased into it. It started with a few trips to visit friends in Mexico in my teens and being shipped off to Norway at 18 for a six week language/culture program. A quarter studying theater and literature in London at 22 is when the bomb really went off. […]