Free Things to do in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most-visited cities in America, and people from around the world flock here during the summer months. Chances are Boston is on your list to see and, as you know, big cities can be hard on the wallet. Boston has a lot to do, meals get expensive, and hotels aren’t cheap. But I grew up in this city, and though it is no longer my home, I know it like the back of my hand. […]

The Life of a Traveler

Last night, I watched the movie “A Map for Saturday.” It was amazing. Utterly and totally amazing. The movie was recommended to me by a fellow traveler, and chronicles a man’s round-the-world trip in 2005. It is filled with interviews from other backpackers, and very accurately captures the highs and lows of travel. It’s the best travel movie I’ve ever seen. For anyone who has ever backpacked or traveled for a long time, it’s an easy movie to relate to. […]

Top Ten Best Tropical Islands

I’m a beach lover. The sun and I get along quite well, and there’s nothing I’d rather do than live on a tropical island someday. One of the main purposes of my travels is to avoid winter. I’ve been to islands all over the world, though there are still some paradises this nomad has yet to see. But I’ve accumulated many favorites along the way. These are the ten top islands and beaches in the world where people can sit […]

Tips for Traveling in “Dangerous” Places

As I get ready for a trip to Colombia, lots of people have been quick to greet the news of my latest travels with a well-meaning, “Be careful; it’s dangerous there!” But is it really any more dangerous than anywhere else I’ve traveled or lived? As I wrote in a blog, our perceptions of what make a place seem dangerous are shaped by many factors — the hyper-dramatic media more interested in getting a quick and juicy story than sticking […]

The Saturday City: Broome

Broome is located in the northern part of Western Australia. It’s a small, sleepy little seaside town with not much to do except lounge around in the sun. The heat and humidity can get unbearable, and the phrase “broometime” is often used to describe the city’s sluggish pace. The city was founded in the 1880s as a pearling town and named after the territory’s governor. The pearling industry thrived here on the backs of exploited Japanese workers, and the 900 […]

American Independence Day

Today’s July 4th, American Independence Day. Across the nation, Americans are taking work off and celebrating the day we declared independence from British rule. Since it falls on a Monday this year, everyone is extra thrilled about the three-day weekend. Celebrations, fireworks, and barbecues are taking place in every corner of the land. Just like with Memorial Day, today’s blog will be about the holiday! History of July 4th On July 4, 1776, British colonists declared their independence from the […]

Boston, part 2

With my time in Boston slowly getting away from me, I decided to explore my city. Last time, I went walking through its parks and historic Beacon Hill section. This time, I was going to explore Boston’s historic side. Boston is one of the oldest cities in America and has played an important role throughout the history of the United States. The first university was founded here (Harvard 1636), the Revolution began here, the first public school was built here, […]

The American South

I had been driving around “The South” for the past three weeks, and was using this opportunity to give the area a chance. Where I’m from, the South doesn’t connote great thoughts. My preconceived notion of the South was that it was a land of rednecks, racists, and raging bible beaters. It still thought the Civil War was going on, and it’s filled with trash, trailer parks, idiots, and the occasional poetic sage. Aside from a few major cities, nothing […]