What Living in Bangkok Taught Me

I’ve been living in Bangkok on and off for two years now. It’s become my base of operations, the place I return to when I am out of money and need to work. I’ve developed a network of friends, business contacts, learned the language, and mastered the city. But now this chapter in my life is over. I first came here with my friend Scott in 2005. We were on holiday from work, and upon landing in Bangkok, decided the […]

Interview with Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts is one of the most famous modern travelers writers out there. He burst onto the scene with his book, Vagabonding, and since then, the book has become a must travel for first time travelers. Rolf has, in many ways, become the face of modern backpacking. He recently took time out of his busyschedule to sit down and discuss backpacking. Nomadic Matt: You are sort of considered the godfather of backpacking. Every long-term traveler knows about you. How do […]

Is Eco-Tourism Really Eco-Friendly?

There is a trend in travel that has picked up a lot of steam over the last few years. That trend is called Eco-Tourism. As the environment has become more important to people over the last decade – and especially so in the last couple of years – companies around the world are trying to cash in on people’s willingness to spend lots of money in the name of environmental protection. Much of it is greenwashing though, or insincere and […]

The Saturday City: Ko Phangan

Ok, so it is not a city, it is an island – and a big one at that. But we’re going to focus on one part of this island: Haat Rin Beach. Haat Rin is the backpacker party mecca of Southeast Asia. All roads may lead to Khao San in Bangkok, but, for those looking for parties and beaches, there is no better place to turn other than this island and, more specifically, this beach. Travelers come for one thing: The […]

Cheap Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is an expensive place to visit. There’s no way around it. The small city state is priced relative to the United States, which is a lot more expensive than its neighbors! On a small stop-over trip, this isn’t a problem. But on a big trip through the region, a trip into Singapore can elicit sticker shock, and it can turn people away if they’re trying to do the area on the cheap. If you still want to visit this […]

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful new year wherever you were. It was a great time here in Thailand. I had meant to post more during the holidays, but the internet connection where I was was very slow and very expensive. So, it’s been pretty quiet here at Nomadic Matt. But this year will bring many changes to this site: I want to have more guest posts on this site. If you are interested in writing a guest […]