My 12 Recommended Books for 2015

There’s nothing more inspirational than a well-written travel book. It can fill you with awe, wonder, and wanderlust. Books make those 10-hour bus rides through Laos more bearable. They get us excited for new destinations and can change our world view. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but my goal this year is to read one book a week (if not more). I go through fits and starts with reading. I’ll read a book or two a week and then […]

Updates From the Book Tour!

As the sun rises in Asheville, North Carolina, it is day 12 of my cross-country tour to promote my new book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. This is my seventh stop and I’m having an amazing time driving around the U.S., meeting other travelers, spreading the gospel of budget travel, and sightseeing in my own backyard. Since the book’s release a few weeks ago, a lot has happened and I wanted to share some of highlights […]

Four Reasons This is the Year of the Budget Traveler

When I started traveling in 2006, there were no large travel blogs as we know them, sharing economy websites, or apps, and there were few online booking sites for obscure destinations. I remember finding only one website about backpacking Europe and a couple of forums where I could ask questions. Information was there, but it wasn’t as easily found or as abundant as it is today. If you didn’t talk to the right travel agent, backpacker, or hostel owner, or […]

Americans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get Travel Deals

This past Christmas, Etihad Airlines mistakenly published cheap airfare from the United States to India, Africa, and the Middle East that made its way across the web like wildfire. Fares were as low as $178 round-trip. It was an incredible Christmas gift to many travelers and I shared the deal on social media hoping some of you could snatch some cheap flights. However, a few hours later, this comment appeared on Facebook: (Note: I’ve blacked out the person’s name for […]

How to Save (and Not Save) Money in the Virgin Islands

Budget travel is like a puzzle to me. I roam the world, trying to put the pieces together and I’ve been able to turn some of the most expensive destinations in the world into budget destinations – Iceland, Japan, Sweden, and even Norway. I’ve only failed once in Bermuda – a country whose luxury travel powers proved too great for me to defeat. That was, until I came to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, where I once again failed […]

Ten Years Ago, I Quit My Job to Travel the World

Ten years ago, I embarked on the trip that would change my life. It was 2004 and I was trying to convince a friend to visit the Galapagos Islands the following January. He wasn’t sold on the idea and suggested Thailand instead. Since I didn’t care where we went so long as we went somewhere, I agreed. I just wanted to escape the winter. So in January 2005, we set off on our two week trip. If you had told […]

10 Destinations to Visit When You’re a Budget Traveler

The world is full of affordable destinations, and it doesn’t require much effort to find them. No matter what continent, there are always places you can visit on a budget – even countries we think of as expensive are quite budget-friendly if you know certain tips and tricks. No destination is really ever “too expensive”. After ten years as a frugal budget traveler (expect an anniversary post next week) and, in light of the release of my new book, today […]

How You Can Travel the World Cheaper, Longer, and Smarter (Plus, get FREE stuff)

When I first wrote How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, it was just a small PDF guide with some travel coupons you downloaded from this site. It was meant to be a one stop, easy-to-follow guide for planning your trip. When Penguin publishing approached me to turn it into a print book in 2013, I was beyond thrilled. Me? With a book you could buy in a store? For a little kid who used to write in […]

My 16 Favorite Things to Do in the Virgin Islands

Two of the most-visited destinations in the Caribbean, the US and British Virgin Islands are what I expected them to be – white sand beaches, excellent diving and snorkeling, turquoise crystal clear water, scenic hiking, lots of boating opportunities, and heavily poured rum drinks. I spent a month traveling around the islands by boat. There is a fascinating number of things to do on the islands – life here is not all hammocks and piña coladas. From festivals to diving […]

Why Road Trips are a Good Idea for Family Travel

On the third fourth Friday of every month, Cameron Wears from The Traveling Canucks is here to give us tips and advice on how to travel better with your kids. This is an often requested topic so I’m excited to have him on the team! Here is this month’s article. As a newbie parent, the thought of traveling with your infant or toddler can feel like an overwhelming proposition. You don’t want to put your life on hold while you […]