It’s one thing for me to say I know my stuff, it’s another for me to prove it. Here are testimonials from readers who have used my advice to get out on the road and save money doing so:

  • – Christian

    “As far as travel is concerned, NomadicMatt.com has been my go-to resource for advice, ideas, and inspiration since 2010. His tips, advice, and how-to’s are timeless entries that I often refer back to before my next adventure abroad. Through his broad range of writing topics, I have learned how to do everything from finding the cheapest fares to picking the right backpack for a trip; his writing style of self-reflection even helps me be more introspective when I travel; it continues to be a valuable resource each and every day.”

  • – Julia

    “Nomadic Matt has become my favorite travel blog for honest writing — he tells the good and the bad, and always has a little energy left over to encourage the rest of us to travel! He introduced me to travel hacking and a lot of creative cheap travel strategies — and also understands that while travel is certainly fun, it can also be overwhelming at times. His site has been a go-to place for me when I need help planning a trip, or a burst of inspiration while I am on the road!”

  • – Adam

    “I would be totally lost without your website. As a keen traveller, I am currently planning the South East Asia backpacking trip with a group of friends. I obviously looked around, but the advice on your site is by far the best and most informative on the internet. My friends and I entirely rely on Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site for information on our destinations. If something is recommend on that site, I will definitely attempt to do it in my lifetime.”

  • – Kimi

    “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day” really put in perspective for me how cheap traveling around the world can really be if I was willing to cut back on the clutter in my life. After reading the book, buckling down to save money for my trip, and months of back and forth of deciding where to go first, I leave in June for S.E. Asia and Australia.”

  • – Shawn

    “When I was first planning my round the world trip, I was overwhelmed with the decision whether to buy a RTW flight ticket or not. Matt’s clear and detailed guide on RTW tickets made my decision easy and I decided against it as it didn’t suit my travel style. His guides are simple, to the point, and always accurate. Before researching any destination online I always check out Matt’s website. His information has never steered me off course and has been invaluable on my round the world trip!”

  • – Charles & Ashley

    “Nomadic Matt has really helped my husband and I while traveling! Anytime we’re planning a vacation we always visit his website and look at the travel guides to find out the best things for us to do on our trip. It breaks down accommodations, food and attractions with real opinions from someone who has actually been there and done it, and it makes it a lot easier to plan our trips.”

  • – Basem

    “Like any other new traveler, I set out to read everything I could possibly discover on the internet. When I had finally found Nomadic Matt’s gem of a web-universe it was all I had ever needed! My first trip in 2010 was a month and a half long backpacking trip through Colombia. Matt’s tips made my trip incredible, from helping me choose the perfect backpack to giving my advice on how to save some peso’s on my journey. During the course of the last few years his blog has been entertaining and an inspiration to my future traveling adventures!”

  • – Chuck

    “If it wasn’t for Nomadic Matt, I may have never had the push I needed to quit my job and travel the world. I may have also never started a travel blog, which has helped me break down my own barriers and help inspire others the way he did for me. Matt helped me take the first step out the door, and I hope to be as knowledgeable about the world as him one day. Thank you!”

  • – Alexandra

    “Reading Nomadic Matt has given me invaluable confidence in fulfilling my dream of RTW travel. When I was just in the dreaming stage of my adventure I would read his articles and think, “If only that could be me!” Through his articles I came to the realization that it in fact could be and used his tips for saving money and how much money might be need for a RTW trip. I have now been on the road for 11 months and have been loving every moment of the adventure.”