How to Get Cheap Accommodation

Accommodation is one of your biggest daily expenses when you travel and lowering that cost can lead to big savings. To a lot of people, it’s either expensive hotels or cheap hostel dorms. But there’s many other options available to travelers – whether solo travelers, couples, or families. There’s a budget option for everyone. These articles will help choose the right accommodation for you.

female traveler sleeping at a hostel

Cheap Accommodation: Beyond Hotels and Hostels

If you are looking to stay somewhere besides a hotel or a hostel but not sure where to begin, this article lists all the different types of places where a traveler can rest their head – from apartments to farms to even monasteries!

finding a good hostel

How to Pick a Good Hostel

I’ve been in close to five hundred hostels and have seen it all. Here are tips on what to look for when you pick a hostel when you traveling so you don’t want to get stuck in a dump or a place where it is hard to meet other travelers.

how to find a beautiful house to live in abroad

How to Become a House Sitter and Never Pay for Accommodation

This is a how to guide to house sitting, wonderful opportunity that allows people to stay in a location rent free in exchange for watching someone’s house.

one of nomadic matt's favorite hostels

My Favorite Hostels in the World

Here is a complete list of my favorite hostels around the world. These hostels really know how to deliver an amazing travel experience and I would make them your first pick when choosing a place.

a cheap, nice hotel room found online

How to Find a Cheap Hotel Room: Sites to Use and Sites to Avoid

There are a lot of hotel booking websites out there. How do you find the cheapest room? I analyzed the major sites and show you which sites are the best.

a beautiful house found on airbnb

How to Find the Perfect Apartment on Sites Like Airbnb

Apartment rental sites are becoming every more popular with each passing day. Here’s a guide to picking the right guest/host and ensure a safe and fun time.

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