Got a question? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I get and my answers to them. Check out this page. Chances are there’s an answer to your question.

I’m interested in working on a cruise ship. Where do I go?
Read this interview I did with Wandering Earl about working on a cruise and/or read his book on the subject.

How do I find a cheap flight?
Read these blog posts on finding cheap flights:

Can you help me get from X to Y on a certain date?
This is help I can’t provide. Airline ticket prices are what they are, especially if you are stuck to a certain time frame. You can read the above blog posts to help you try to lower the costs.

What’s the best way to exchange money overseas?
ATM and credit cards offer the best exchange rates.

I need help planning my route. Can I send you my route?
Unfortunately, due to the highly personalized nature of route planning, it’s not advice I can offer over e-mail. It’s very much a “do it yourself” thing. My advice: go in a single direction and avoid doubling back.

What should I see and do in (insert destination name)?
For general things to see and do in a place, take a look at my destination guides. You’ll find my favorite activities there. If you need any specific help after reading those guides, feel free to e-mail me.

How much money does (insert destination name) cost per day?
Everyone has their own spending needs. On my destination guides (see above), I list costs and suggested budgets that you can use to get a rough estimate of how much you’ll need.

How do I stay in the Shengen Zone longer than 90 days?
I wrote a blog post on this subject. You can check out my advice here.

What should I pack on my trip?
All this stuff.

Do you have suggestions on where I should stay in X?
I’ve written about many of my favorite hostels around the world. Check this out. When I search for hostels, I use the website, Hostelworld.

How do I get a visa for destination X?
Unfortunately, I don’t give help on getting visas. It is best to contact the embassy of the country you are visiting. Visa rules can change often and they are the best authority to inform you about them.

Are hostels safe?
Yes! Hostels are very safe as long as you use common sense. Keep your valuables in the lockers provided or locked up, do not leave money around. Everyone is worried about their stuff so everyone has everything locked up. As long as you lock your stuff up, everything will be fine.

What size backpack should I get?
Your backpack should be proportional to you. Read more about how to choose the right backpack.

What kind of phone should I get overseas?
Global cell phones are very cheap. Here’s a great guide to getting a phone.

I’m a single traveler. I’m worried I won’t really meet anyone.
You’ll meet more people than you know what to do with. The first few days are tough as you adjust to your new life and get the courage to talk to people but you’ll find that necessity gives you that courage. Here’s a post on how to overcome being alone.

What the hell is a Eurail pass?
This post can help.

Can I work overseas?
Yes, many countries have visa agreements with each other. You can teach English anywhere in the world, though demand is highest in Asia. Australia and New Zealand have very famous and popular work holiday schemes that attract backpackers looking to make a quick buck. In general, the best short term jobs are service industry jobs, temp work, seasonal work, or working at a hostel.

I’m really nervous. What can I do to not be so nervous?
Relax. Thousands of people everyday set off on their trip and return just fine. There is nothing to be worried or nervous about. Think of all the great memories and things that you are about to experience.

I don’t speak any other languages! How will I speak to other people?
A lot of people are worried about this but you don’t need to be. English is the language of travel and most travelers speak English and many locals, especially those on the travel trail, speak some English. If you find yourself off the beaten path and no one speaks English, hands signs, pointing, and smile go a long way.

Are tour groups a good option?
They can be. Depends on your travel style. If you are nervous about a first time trip, taking an organized tour might be a good way to ease into travel. I wrote a post about it.

I’m worried that I won’t find a job when I get home.
So? You could get fired if you stay at home too! Travel is increasingly seen as a positive thing and resume booster as employers look for people who understand other cultures and the globalized economy. This is how you can make travel look good on your resume.

Where can I find X in a destination/how do I rent a car/what’s the weather like/is it safe to drive/when is the best time to go/etc etc?
For those kind of details, a guidebook or the destination’s tourism board can provide a lot of information on how to do that.

Am I crazy for doing this?
Nope, not at all!