Questions About Me

Most of the emails I get about me tend to focus on a relatively few questions so before you shoot me an e-mail and I end up just sending you back to the site, check below see if your question has already been answered below:

Do you have a home?
Yes, I live in NYC.

Do you stay at your parents?
When I am in Boston (where I grew up), I do.

Where is all your stuff?
All the stuff I own fits into my backpack. I travel light!

How do you make money?
I make all my income from this website and the books I publish. You can read more details about it in this blog post.

What did you do before you traveled?
Before I left, I worked as a hospital administrator in a lovely cubicle.

How did you afford your original trip?
I used all the money I saved from 3 years of working at the hospital.

Did you ever work overseas?
Yes, I taught English in Thailand and Taiwan.

Do you need a travel assistant?
No, I already have one but thanks for the offer!

Can I travel with you?
If we are in the same place at the same time, sure!

How do you deal with relationships on the road?
Love on the road is pretty hard to maintain. I wrote about it here.

How can I build a website like yours?
If you are interested in building a website, I would take a look at my book on the subject.

Will you do this forever?

I don’t know. Forever is a long time. For now, I am having fun and will keep doing living this lifestyle.

I really want to travel but everyone tells me I’m crazy. Should I just quit school/work/etc and go travel the world?
I don’t know. As I don’t know you personally, it’s hard to give you such personal advice. Only know you what is best for you. You just need to take a leap of faith and have confidence in yourself to know what is good for you. I know you probably want some wise words but I feel uncomfortable giving strangers life changing advice. All I can say is that you can use my blogs and life as an example to make the decision that will make you the happiest. Here are a couple of blogs that can help you:

Everyone Says I’m Running Away
How to Deal with Unsupportive Friends and Family

What should I pack?
You can find a suggested packing list in this post.

Do you host meet-ups in the cities you visit?
Yes. All the time. You can subscribe to my newsletter for updates. I post about meet-ups there.

Do you do consulting?
Yes, if you want business or blog consulting, you can set-up times to call me using this link.

Do you offer trip planning services?
If you’re looking for some in-depth trip planning advice, I do some hands-on planning on a limited basis. You can schedule a call using this link.

How did you get into traveling?
This post will tell you about that.

How and why did you start your blog?
This post will answer that question!

How come you haven’t been to (insert country name)?
It’s a big world. I can only get to so many places at once, especially since I tend to travel slow. But everywhere is on my list and I will set there one day.